Previsiown is a cloud data intelligence platform whose purpose is to transform the perceptions of the driver or passenger of the transport into objective analysis scenarios for the mobility business.

Our field of activity is the collection and analysis of sensor data already present in automobiles, without modifying factory engineering, integrating technologies that streamline the process of identifying the behavior and / or performance of the vehicle, whether combustion, electric or autonomous.

We use the Advanced Industry / Industry 4.0 and “connected car” concepts to build our solution with the following technologies:

We use the concepts of Advanced Industry/industry 4.0 and the connected car to build our solution with the following technologies:

Internet of Things

(IoT) Network of vehicles that have on-board technology, sensors and network connection able to collect and transmit data to the Previsiown platform.


The vehicle driver interaction with the Previsiown occurs through voice commands. He can create milestones during the testing process and enter information relevant to staff at the factory.

Big Data

The Previsiown performs the collection and analysis of a large set of data through the vehicle’s sensors and driver. Users see a dashboad with information in real time.

Machine Learning

The data stored during the testing process, will be used to train the intelligence of the solution,  facilitating the identification of patterns and vehicle failures.


Vehicles tests performed by automotive industry use data perceived by the driver, who acts as an important sensor.
From the real-time monitoring of all variables of the vehicle, your location and analysis of data included by the driver, via voice command, it will be possible to reduce the subjectivity of the testing process.
The Previsiown allows engineers greater assertiveness in the development of automotive design, in meeting safety requirements and overall performance, streamlining the commercial launch of the car.


We are heading for a scenario where the automotive industry will stop selling vehicles to sell mobility.

Previsiown operates in the collection and analysis of vehicle data, providing valuable vehicle information, driving behavior and the use of its drivers in both cities and roads.
The data collected by Previsiown is very valuable to shared car companies, fleet owners, insurance companies and smart city managers.
Previsiown also enables the ability to determine degrees of reliability and autonomy of each vehicle type / model instantly during use within a fleet, enabling decision-making based on reliable data collected in real time.

Construção de uma base de conhecimento do projeto do veículo.

Disponibilidade das informações em tempo real.

Redução da subjetividade no processo de teste dos veículos.

Maior agilidade na identificação e tratativa dos desvios de qualidade (reprodução de falhas / intermitentes).

Aferir aspectos de atendimento aos requerimentos e regulamentações nacionais e internacionais.

Melhoria no relacionamento com o cliente (rede de concessionárias).

Reduzir as altas despesas de deslocamento para análise de problemas nos pontos de venda (assistência remota).


Technical knowledge, market experience and eager to make a difference.

Adolfo Oviedo

Engineer, 30 years of experience in the areas of commercial and manufacturing processes, innovation and technology.

Glauco Torres

Systems analyst, 18 years of experience in web development and systems for cloud.

Ivan Vianna

Systems analyst, 20 years of experience in software development and digital marketing.

Victor Gonçalves

Administrator, 22 years experience  in administrative and financial management of it companies.


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